New to the art form? This Wall Street Journal article will get you orientated. Also, for more information on how some of these titles mislead lawmakers and the citizenry, find some academic commentary from Brian Christopher Jones here:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal reported on the explosion of creativity on Capitol Hill, as lawmakers took the once-fusty and utilitarian function of naming bills into new heights of expression. But time did not stop on January 12, 2011, so, as a continuing service to the creative community in Washington and beyond, this blog will highlight some of the most notable nomenclatural achievements of the 112th Congress. Of course, Washington isn't the only place where lawmaking has been enlivened by the decorative use of acronyms, slogans and victim names, so readers are invited to add their own finds from statehouses, city halls and other artistic microcommunities.

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