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Sunday, April 14, 2013

STOPP-ing Drug Abuse

Rep. William Keating (D., MA) has introduced the Stop Tampering of Prescription Pills (STOPP) Act of 2013, which takes aim at the 16,000 Americans that die each year because of overdosing on prescription drugs. Partial press release below. 


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Friday, March 15, 2013

Joined by Rep. Kennedy and others in important fight

Video of presser includes demonstration of abuse-deterrent drugs
(The video of the press conference is available at:

Washington, DC
 – Today, Rep. Bill Keating (D-MA) announced federal legislation addressing abuse-deterrent formulations for commonly abused painkillers. The Stop the Tampering of Prescription Pills (STOPP) Act was written by Rep. Keating, who then reached across the aisle for bipartisan support to Rep. Rogers (R-KY), Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.  Other Massachusetts Members who are cosponsors of Rep. Keating’s legislation include Reps. Tierney, Lynch, Markey and Kennedy.

Rep. Keating originally introduced the STOPP Act, first-of-its kind legislation to address prescription drug abuse, in July of 2012.  He is a member of the Congressional Caucus on Prescription Drug Abuse.

“As a former District Attorney, I have investigated far too many deaths related to prescription drug abuse,” said Rep. Bill Keating.  “In my state of Massachusetts, almost two people a day die from overdoses.  This is a silent epidemic and it is destroying families, not just in Massachusetts, but across the country.  According to CDC data, more people are dying from overdoses – the majority of which are cause by prescription drugs – than automobile accidents.  With the FDA’s recent approval of the first opoid-based generic drug to re-enter the American market without abuse-deterrent technology, we need the STOPP Act now to stem this dangerous tide.  The STOPP Act isn’t a silver bullet but it will save lives.  What this legislation is proposing, the FDA should be doing on its own.  Because they are not, we are ready to act.  I thank my colleagues Reps. Rogers, Rahall and Kennedy for standing behind this critical legislation.” ...

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