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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Veterans, Veterans, Veterans...

A bevy of veterans' bills has been proposed recently, most likely because of the startling revelations regarding the amount of claims in the VA backlog. According to the Washington Post, the "number of disability claims pending with the Department of Veterans Affairs is nearly 900,000, with more than 600,000 in the system for more than 125 days."

Rep. McLeod (D., CA) has proposed the VA Claims Efficiency Through Information Act of 2013; Rep. Maloney (D., NY) has introduced the Disabled Veterans Red Tape Reduction Act; Rep. Griffen (R., AR) has introduced the Veteran's I.D. Card Act; Rep. Miller (R., FL) has proposed the Veterans' Privacy Act; and Rep. Hastings (D., FL) has introduced the Veterans Pensions Protection Act of 2013

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